I was born in Lisbon, but I was raised in a small town, Portugal's countryside, and that the lack of distraction (and other people!) sharpened my sensitivity and love to nature. I got the time to look carefully to everything, details and colors, light and textures. 
I always love to draw but not in a conventional way (no landscapes or little flowers) , and it took for ages until I decide to have my first drawing lesson. What a boost on my drawing skills!
Although my early fascination with design was the way I could simplify data, just make things look "pretty" ended up being my nightmare. Many years passed and I tried to adjust my methods of obtaining data in order to be more and more "user friendly". It was only after 10 years as a webdesigner that I sign-up for a formal UX training and realized that this was the tip of the iceberg. Bam! TELL ME MORE, please!
Now I understand that even fancy design fails if it lacks a point. 
I have developed the skills to ensure projects end-to-end, from ideation to development. Being a big-picture thinker as lead me to attend several workshops, read blogs and books about UX/UI as well as related subjects like project management, accessibility and team management. 

To learn, to grow, to express and to have fun. These are my main goals at work.
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